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My Jungian analytic work and psychotherapy practice span 26 years.

Jungian Psychology strives to help lead individuals toward wholeness in self, other, and world. I will help you unfold the unlived parts of yourself, your dreams, your gifts, and your relationships. 


On a formal level, I have trained with such notable teachers as Henri Nouwen, Elaine Pagels, Verena Kast, Arnold Mindell, Elizabeth Stevenson, Alfred Ribi, James Hillman, and Joseph Campbell (Open Eye Theatre, NYC, 1979). I received my Master's degree at Harvard Divinity School and my Clinical Doctorate in Psychology at Pacifica Graduate Institute. I am also a diplomate of the C. G. Jung Institute, Zurich, Switzerland.


 A line in Shakespeare's play, Hamlet, "Stand and unfold yourself!" reveals what it means to come into analysis or therapy. You unfold yourself. This is no easy task. You make a commitment to withstand the heat of allowing yourself to be known. Coming to terms with both the light and dark parts of ourselves is the task of analysis. As a Jungian, the analyst is required first to go through extensive analysis before undertaking the rigors of further training in order to work with others. You have to know yourself to live the full life you were intended to live.  The process is slow, like fine wine making, or good cooking. You cannot rush it.   


In analytic time or in becoming self-aware, dreams surface and bring messages from the unconscious that point the way to further development or knowing. You go into your heart and soul to see and to experience who is there. This is a journey of a thousand miles. It often begins when there is no choice but to take one step and is in conjunction to an unexpected event that happens, such as a death, a depression, a divorce, a birth, a memory, a dream, or a disappointment. Others are stirred by an inner, deep movement they experience as a spiritual calling.      


Jung studied Indigenous cultures and saw the  connections to the spiritual and natural world that these cultures hadn't lost in contrast to what Western culture had lost in its quest for progress. Within the individual psyche, there is a meaning and purpose to one's life, guided by an infinite and eternal soul


Those seeking to know what Jung called, "The Undiscovered Self," and who wish to unfold the inner life in connection to the outer life, may find in analysis the key to unlocking this wisdom. I have been trained to help you on what can become a mythical,  miraculous journey or to deepen the one you are already on.


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